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Hi Friends,

Welcome to the relaunch of – an artist collective featuring thousands of stunning Philly photos highlighting all the reasons why we LOVE Philly. has two missions: highlight the things that make Philadelphia special and support the artists who do their part to tell the city’s story. Browse our carefully curated collection of over 2000+ stunning Philly photos and you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about. And don’t forget to share your Philly pride by sharing images or ordering a print your favorite photo.

About Us

In addition to wanting to share the reasons why we love Philly, our goal is to highlight those in the Philly photographer community that create meaningful work. We provide resources, business infrastructure, signal boosting, and revenue-sharing for all proceeds. Any photographer interested in joining is encouraged to apply.

As of launch, we have 2 founding contributors:

Albert Lee @urphillypal

Albert Lee

Who doesn’t love a sunset? Albert Lee is considered by many to be the King of Philly Sunsets as he has been capturing Philly sunsets as far back as 2011. Many of Albert’s photos show the Philly skyline against the fiery glow of the setting sun.

All photos by Albert Lee →

Michael Smith @smith_diction

Michael Smith

Michael Smith owns local design studio Smith&Diction, which somehow goes hand in hand with taking incredible Philly photos. Mike loves exploring, and his photos convey much of the adventure Philly has to offer.

All photos by Michael Smith →

Other skilled photographers on deck are Ernie Lim, David Deifer, Lukas Huber and Adam Englehart, but we have our eyes set on many more Philly photographers.

Join the ranks of talented Why I Love Philly photographers.

Enough info! Please browse some stunning Philly photos and please share your thoughts with us!

Silhouette Skyscrapers In Philadelphia Against Orange Sky During

10.12.16 J1093 AlbertLee 1.jpg

People Amidst Illuminated Trees At Spruce Street Harbor Park

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About Me

My name is Cory J Popp and I’ve been working as a filmmaker in photographer in Philadelphia for the last 4 years. In that time I’ve made dozens of incredibly fun Philly videos, worked with some of Philly’s most iconic brands, and even had my videos show up on ABC Studios blockbuster tv show ‘How to Get Away with Murder’. If its not already obvious, I LOVE Philly.

More About Why I Love Philly

Whyilovephilly is artist collective dedicated to spreading Philly love and pride.

Philadelphia is FILLED with incredible people, places, stories, talent, character, SOUL, and too damn much of it is unseen on a daily basis. Our mission is highlight the things that make Philadelphia so special, to give love and attention to the people and places that deserve it.

Supporting artists

The images on this site were taken by many different photographers. We formed this collective to support our local artists by providing resources, business infrastructure and signal boosting.

You can support our artists by purchasing a print, sharing your favorite shots, or following our social media channels:

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Are you a business? License our shots for your next creative project or hire one of our photographers.

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Are you an artist interested in sharing your Philly love AND earning some extra money on the side? Contact us to learn more.